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Rev. Alan McLean

Rev. Alan G. E. McLean
  -  AlanGEMcLean@gmail.com

Alan was called to be the minister of Fenwick United Church in September of 2009.  Prior to that he had served for 9 years in Hamilton at Burkholder United Church. He has served congregations in various parts of Ontario including Markham, Woodville, Victoria Square, Cloyne and elsewhere for varying lengths of  time.  He also plays an active part on committees of both Niagara Presbytery and Hamilton Conference. 

Alan grew up in the United Church in Lindsay, Ontario, and after high school, completed his B.A. at Trent University.  Upon graduation he worked for some years in Japan.  On his return to Canada he began his theological studies at Emmanuel College, Victoria University in the University of Toronto. Over the years he earned his Master of Divinity, Master of Christian Education, and Master of Theology degrees.  This implies much more mastery than he feels!  During that period he also spent several years working in Geneva, Switzerland with the World Student Christian Federation.

Alan loves preaching, leading worship and study groups, teaching, inter-faith learning and various aspects of ministry, although he recognises the dangers in the wonderful pies his congregation bakes. He spends his free time with his dog, Mabel, working with fleece and fibre, spinning, dyeing and weaving.


William Outred, Organist at Fenwick United Church


William Outred  - weoutred@hotmail.com

William joined our staff as music director in 2012.  He brings with him 28 years of experience working in many area churches in various denominations.  His love of music began at four years of age, when he sat down at the organ and began to play.

When he’s not at the console, you may find him in our neighbourhood tuning a piano or painting a living room.   Fenwick United has a true love of music and should you stop in for worship, you will hear the rafters shake with the heartfelt singing of a well-trained choir and a congregation that loves to sing.








Linda Sharpe-Pietras - Children's Ministry Leader.

Linda joined us as Children's Ministry Leader in January 2012.  Her outreach to the children and youth and her communication with every member of the church family speaks to her dedication and commitment to the congregation.





Patrice Walker, Secretary, Fenwick United Church
Patrice Walker
 - fenwick.united.church@gmail.com

Patrice has been the secretary/bookkeeper at Fenwick United since 2012. Prior to coming to our church she had many years in the bookkeeping field, including 16 years in the automotive industry in St. Catharines and Burlington, and is delighted to be part of the friendly Fenwick United Church family.  

She has one son who is currently working towards a PhD in Economics.