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Dianne Everitt  

Rev. Dianne Everitt, M.A., M.Div. - minister.fenwick@gmail.com  

Thank you for exploring our website!  Dianne feels extremely blessed serving at Fenwick United Church.  She invites you to come and let us be part of your spiritual journey-come and find out more about the joy and peace of Jesus Christ.  Dianne's theology can be approached from looking to Psalm 107: the Psalm acknowledges the goodness of God in Creation.  But the Psalm goes on to acknowledge feelings of being lost, hungry and thirsty, of darkness and gloom, of imprisonment, of sickness; it tells of how sometimes our "courage melts away in our calamity" (v. 26.)  It is dark, scary, and uncertain.  Many of us experience such feelings at times.  But "then they cried to the Lord in their trouble"- this refrain pulses through the Psalm - and God answered as God does in response to our cry for help.  God reveals Godself to us in Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ who reminds us: "I am with you always, to the end of the age" (Matthew 28:20.)  As well as an M.Div. (Emmanuel College), Dianne holds a B.A. (McMaster), M.A. (Queen's), and a B.Ed. (Toronto.)  She was ordained through the new Shining Waters Regional Council in May 2019.  Dianne is joined by her husband Jim, and their four children.


William Outred, Organist at Fenwick United Church


William Outred  - weoutred@hotmail.com

William joined our staff as music director in 2012.  He brings with him 28 years of experience working in many area churches in various denominations.  His love of music began at four years of age, when he sat down at the organ and began to play.

When he’s not at the console, you may find him in our neighbourhood tuning a piano or painting a living room.   Fenwick United has a true love of music and should you stop in for worship, you will hear the rafters shake with the heartfelt singing of a well-trained choir and a congregation that loves to sing.





Kevin Snelgrove - Snelgrovekrp@gmail.com

Kevin joined our staff as Children's Ministry Leader in September 2019. He is a Teacher at heart and has a passion for bringing people together through Christ centered activities.